Green Valley Farmhouse

Our Green Valley Farmhouse project is an attempt to reconnect people in the city with the process of growing our food. Since the industrial revolution, we grew apart from our food and that has a harmful affect on the health of people and the health of our environment.

About this home

  • 1000
  • Sq Yd

Green Valley Project Details

  • Price ₹2,199/Sq Yd
  • Property Size 1000 Sq Yd
  • Year Built 2021

Our qualified team will take care of every detail of your farmhouse requirement

We are a group of Architects, Designers and Visionaries with a wide range of subject-matter expertise, focusing our efforts towards designing, building and developing farmhouses.

We build eco-friendly farm homes

Develop your dream farmhouse in your own farmland. Grow some exotic fruits and vegetables in your backyard and create a perfect setup to spend quality time with your family over the weekend.

All Amenities:

  • Water ( Bore Well & Water Storages )
  • Electricity 
  • Road 
  • Fencing
  • Demarcation
  • Plantation
  • Separate Entrance Gate
  • Project Security
  • Separate Name Plate

 Green Valley Farms Project Address : Near Bassi Naggan toll plaza,kalwar jobner road, Jodhpur mega highway, Jaipur

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